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Madame Joker Volume 1 review

What it’s about: Ranko Gekkouji isn’t particularly interested as to what her late husband’s money can buy her, rather she’s interested in how she can use it to manipulate others. When she sees selfishness or greed she will pay off others, create new rivaling companies or marry so to manipulate the ‘culprit’s’ social situation and bring them to her own sort of justice.

Story: Is Ranko an amiable protagonist? Well sometimes she is. The way in which she is portrayed suggests she just wants to flaunt her money around and play with other people’s lives. However underneath all of this it appears that she is was actually quite struck by her late husband’s passing and really feels a need to put his money to good use in order to help the Japanese upper class society improve. Ranko’s sense of justice makes the manga out to be a sort of detective story, however unlike the majority of detective’s she doesn’t always get her man, but this is what makes the story more believable and makes Ranko more amiable and human. However at the same time when characters turn out to be innocent and are left in utter ‘social poverty’ for the rest of their lives one cannot help but feel sorry for them and feel slightly betrayed by Ranko’s poor judgment on people.

Whilst upper class Japanese society may not necessarily be an original setting for a Josei manga, the way in which it is portrayed is quite interesting. The shallowness of the both the characters Ranko pursues and those around her shows a different side to those at the top of society. Money and looks are all anyone is really interested in (this can be stated of Ranko at times as well) and characters constantly sleep around with others so to maintain their popularity. Ranko is very much aware of this fact and uses her money and looks to help her manipulate others, she tells characters what they want to hear and what they want to see, but in the end she ultimately turns this against them. However at the same time the Josei and Shojo archetypes still exist – the shy handsome male, the rich otaku boy and the pretty yet unpopular girl – but as most of these characters do not take prominent roles you are able to look past them.

Artwork: As is the norm for Josei and Shojo there is an incredibly high use of screen tone in this book and Tomoko Naka does take on the Josei ‘house style’. On the other hand backgrounds are very detailed and the artist is very skillful in the way in which they incorporate screen tone into them. All characters are unique (even the ‘extras’), and a lot of time and care appears to have been put into producing each chapter.

Negatives: Lines often feel out of place (for example my favourite ‘celebrities really are different to us normal people’) and I believe that lines could of often been left out or simplified as they are not needed and halt the flow of the story. The sizable amount of female nudity also often made it hard for me to believe at times that this was a Josei title rather than a Seinen title, however the fact that most of the story is about women getting back at men deterred me from believing this.

Overall: Despite the petty translation and spelling errors I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who has never read a Josei title, anyone who is looking for a different take on the detective story or someone who wants to read about the upper class aggravating each other.

Madame Joker volume 1 is available from Jmanga at http://www.jmanga.com/madame-joker/1


London MCM expo 2012


Hey guys!

I just bought my ticket to MCM October and now I just can’t control my excitement. Why you may ask? Well this is the first con which I’ve actually bought a weekend ticket for, this means that I won’t have to spend the whole day rushing around the dealing room trying to buy as much manga and anime as I can carry. This time I will actually be able to ‘pace’ myself and be able to think about purchases I want to make and go to panels (I don’t because the friends I normally go with find them dull). I am particularly looking forward to the Roosterteeth panel, this is mainly because the last time they came to MCM I turned around as soon as I caught sight of them – and yes I really am that bad when it comes to mildly famous people. I’m also quite exited for the comic village; I’ve kept myself isolated from the indie comic scene since many of my favorite artists went mainstream or got ‘real jobs’, however most of the artists are lovely people (hopefully) so they should be able to captivate me into buying something that isn’t Japanese. I’m going to be entering Letraset’s art competition too, my weekend ticket should allow me time to prepare a proper entry – usually I rush the night before, drawing something with hardly any relevance to the theme – if you’re planning on entering remember to use lots of color, the entrants who win tend to use loads.

If your going for the first time I’d suggest getting a list of titles that you want to buy rather than just buying aimlessly, always check what titles dealers are putting on offer as usually there’s a good reason they want to shift them, look for rarer titles too as a lot of the time dealers aren’t always aware of the value of their stock and look into what panels and shows are going to be on so you don’t miss them.

I’m planning on posting photos from the event I take and also writing another blog entry in the future about the indie comic scene in the UK.