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MCM London October Expo + opinion on WiiU Demo

ImageIt was the October MCM London expo this weekend, and as usual there was a wide variety of events and activities to partake in. Personally I went to the Manga UK Live podcast, queued up to see some members of Roosterteeth, had art lessons at the Letraset stand, went to the Ni No Kuni and DMC demos and saw a couple of cosplay masquerades. I particularly enjoyed the live Manga UK podcast recording, not only because it was the first live podcast I have been to but also because I was impressed by how in touch the members of the panel were with their community. The members of the panel were prepared to take suggestions for new DVD releases and listen to people opinions concerning their previous releases.


I also got a chance to play on the WiiU. Whilst I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw I certainly wasn’t exited either. The demos I played didn’t really encourage me or give me a reason to purchase the console at release date. None of the games I played really used the second screen technology at all. The second screen also surprised me by how small it was (it’s about the size of a DVD case) therefor when playing a game one the controller rather than the TV the resolution felt significantly reduced. My other problem with the new controller was that when I picked it up for the first time it just felt like a new Wii add on.

However I’m still open to purchasing the console in the future, if Nintendo can significantly expand the console’s lineup in the future I may change my mind though.

(I played Tank! Tank! Tank!, the Zelda game on Nintendo Land, Wonderfull 100 and Tekken Tag 2)Image